Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome to Smidgen of a Kitchen!

I decided to create this blog when I realized how much I loved to write about food. More specifically, I realized I really wanted to share my experiments on how to flourish while saving money in the kitchen and in the home.

For me, it's not just about surviving, and getting by on noodles and beans for pennies. I'm on a journey with my family to live within our means, escape debt forever, and to prosper and thrive while doing it.

There's no reason why I can't make us amazing food and create a warm, cozy nest on less. So this is my place to grow and learn how, and to share with other talented women who do it, so well, every day!

What's to Come:

- Weekly or ongoing "assignments" for myself (and others, if you want to join in!) where I learn how to make something new. First up: baking bread!

- My own collection of perfected and adapted recipes: all, or mostly, budget-friendly and tasty all at once.

- Lots of how-to posts and certainly some illustrations of what worked and what flopped!

- Good finds and tips on navigating the grocery store without overspending or straying far from your menu plan.

- Tips on how to menu plan effectively, to get the most out of your money!

What else would you like to see here?

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  1. I haven't made these in years. In fact, I forgot all about this recipe. I'm sure my old recipe is slightly different and probably missing in action. I'm going to make yours. Yummy.